Grants & Funding


Investing in Communities, Grant Funding

There is currently up to £11.5 million available to communities in Scotland, with grants ranging from £3, 000 up to £250, 000 in order to support:

– Addressing local priorities and needs
– Increasing active inclusion
– Build on / Working with the assets of local communities

Taking place until: 14th June

Investing in Communities – Community Led Design

Part of this funding will be specifically inviting applications on developing Community Led Design, including ‘Local Place Plans’ where communities create a vision for their built environment and space in future years.

Taking place until: 14th June



Previous Grant & Funding Sources include:

Postcode Trust,
Promoting Human Rights, Combating Discrimination, Poverty Prevention

Community Trust,
Improving Community Health & Wellbeing, Arts & Physical Recreation, Reducing Isolation

Postcode Local Trust,
Green Space Improvements, Increasing Community Access to Outdoor Space, Renewable Energy & Flood Prevention