The Civic Forum ensures that the views, priorities and issues of communities from throughout the city of Aberdeen are taken forward to shape strategies, services, policies to help the Community Planning Partnership make better decisions which most benefit the city’s communities.

The main purposes of Aberdeen Civic Forum are:

  • To enable and support communities in Aberdeen to participate in the Community Planning Partnership and to bring the voice and the views of all communities to every possible level of decision making.
  • To bring communities together to promote discussion and dialogue on issues of shared interest and to present these views to the Community Planning Partnership and other organisations and bodies as identified.
  • To help build links and encourage further cooperation between communities and to ensure that there is more support in place for communities to pursue and make progress on their priorities.
  • To uphold the principles of equality and equity be ensuring that opportunities are available to all, to ensure that no one is treated less favourably on any grounds and to promote good relations for all.