Reports and Updates

Community Empowerment, Research and Briefings

Briefing and Recommendations – Community Empowerment Act, Aberdeen and Scotland

Briefing (Appendix) Community Planning – Overview of Resources
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– Prepared by Chairperson, Jonathan Smith


Strengthening Community Councils (National Research Report, April 2019)

– The Civic Forum, along with Community Councils in Aberdeen and throughout Scotland supported and contributed to the National Research Project, exploring their evolving role in strengthening democracy in Scotland.

Created by Scottish Community Development Centre and What Works Scotland


Representative Reports

Community Engagement Group

2019, October – ‘Rolling Programme’ ’19 to ’20
2018, June – Report

Community Justice Group

2018, November – Recommendations
2018, August – Report
2018, March – Report

City Centre Masterplan Group

2017, December – Report

Aberdeen Prospers (Economy & Employment) Group

2018, June – Report
2018, May – Report
2018, March – Report

Community Empowerment

2018, September – Report
2018, April – Report


All Reports and Updates are shared during meetings of the Civic Forum.

You can access and view the minutes of meetings by following the page at this link.

All Representatives are also encouraged to prepare reports and updates to be made available here, with support if needed for public access, feedback and response.