Reflecting Views

The Civic Forum has Office Bearers and a number of Representatives to Community Planning Groups, Reference Groups and Action Groups to take forward the views and promote the priorities of the city’s communities.

Office Bearers

Chairperson: Jonathan Smith
Vice-Chairperson: Lavina Massie


– Alcohol and Drugs Partnership: Fay Morrison
– Community Justice: Faith-Jason Robertson-Foy, David Henderson, Daniel Warren
– Sustainable City Group: Arthur Forbes, Anne Wakefield
– Resilient, Included and Supported: Simon McLean
– Integrated Children’s Services: William Rae
– Aberdeen Prospers: Jonathan Smith, Lavina Massie
– Community Engagement Group: Jonathan Smith

– City Centre Masterplan Reference Group: Arthur Forbes, Lavina Massie
– Fairer Aberdeen: Jonathan Smith, Arthur Forbes

Community Planning Management Group: Lavina Massie (as Vice-Chairperson of Civic Forum)
Community Planning Board: Jonathan Smith (as Chairperson of Civic Forum)