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This section of the website also has information on how you can take part directly in consultations.

Current Consultations include:

– Broad Street – until 12th April, 2019
– City Voice – until 8th April, 2019
– Local Development Plan (Main Issues Report) – until 13th May, 2019
– Community Justice – Engagement & Consultation – until February, 2020
– Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership – Strategic Plan (2019 – 22) – 2019
– Roads Hierarchy Study & Review (Aberdeen and North East Scotland) – Still taking place

Broad Street

A consultation on the recent changes and refurbishments, including any current issues and any adaptions, improvements and upgrades needed for the future:

City Voice 

Gathering a reflection of community view on a broad range of Community Planning Partnership and Public Service initiatives.

Taking place until: 8th April

Local Development Plan – Main Issues Report

The chance for communities, citizens and other stakeholders to have a say on the future of the city from built environment, planning locations and more.

Taking place until: 13th May

Community Justice

Shaping the future of how we approach and support the strategies, services and support available in and around Aberdeen.

Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership – Strategic Plan (2019 – 22)

All views, comments and recommendations to:

Roads Hierarchy Study & Review – North East Scotland

There is currently a brochure / booklet available for an overview of the consultation that is being conducted in Aberdeen and throughout the North-East, available at this link.

If you have any initial thoughts, recommendations to raise or issues that you’d like to see addressed by this Study & Review, you can e-mail to the address of:


Previous consultations include

– Aberdeen City Rent Consultation  – Consultation Closed, September ’18
– Aberdeen City Autism Strategy – Consultation Closed, October ’18
– Aberdeen Local Development Plan – Still Taking Place
– Integrated Children and Family Services Guide – December, ’19
– ‘Help Shape Our Services’ December, ’18
– The Silver City Vault’ Aberdeen City Libraries – December, ’18
– Young Carer Grant Regulations – December, ’18
– BBC TV License Policy – Ages 75+ from 2020 – February, ’19
– Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership – Strategic Plan (2019 – 22) – February, ’19