Grants & Funding

Common Good Fund

The Common Good Fund is used to support services and projects that benefit communities in Aberdeen City, Scotland.

Common Good Funds are generally made up of property (including land, buildings, and investments) that belonged to the historic ‘Burghs of Scotland’.

These funds continue to exist for the common good of people who live in these areas today.

You can learn more and access the Information and Application Packs, at:

Taking place until: 1st November

Health Improvement Fund 2019 / 2020

There is currently up to £5, 000 available to each application, to support the development of Community-Based Health and Wellbeing activity.

This ‘ground up’ approach has improved the quality of projects being funded at the local neighbourhood level, and so if you have an idea you’d like to explore further, you are very much encouraged to get in touch!

Investing in Communities, Grant Funding

There is currently up to £11.5 million available to communities in Scotland, with grants ranging from £3, 000 up to £250, 000 in order to support:

– Addressing local priorities and needs
– Increasing active inclusion

– Build on / Working with the assets of local communities

Taking place until: 14th June
Successful applicants scheduled to be announced by: October, 2019

Investing in Communities – Community Led Design

Part of this funding will be specifically inviting applications on developing Community Led Design, including ‘Local Place Plans’ where communities create a vision for their built environment and space in future years.

Taking place until: 14th June
Successful applicants scheduled to be announced by: October, 2019



Previous Grant & Funding Sources include:

Postcode Trust,
Promoting Human Rights, Combating Discrimination, Poverty Prevention

Community Trust,
Improving Community Health & Wellbeing, Arts & Physical Recreation, Reducing Isolation

Postcode Local Trust,
Green Space Improvements, Increasing Community Access to Outdoor Space, Renewable Energy & Flood Prevention