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Community Councils

Community Councils are play a vital role in representing the view of the community to Local Authorities and other Public Bodies, and are Statutory Consultees on Planning and Licensing.

Community Groups & Communities of Interest

Communities of Interest are groups and bodies which promote the views and priorities of communities with a particular focus.

This includes representation of and for those who may experience one or some of the ‘Nine Protected Characteristics‘.

For example, including:

– Regeneration Matters
Ethnic Minority Forum
– ACYC (Aberdeen City Youth Council)
– LGBT(QIA)+ Networks, including Four Pillars
Aberdeen Women’s Alliance
Tenants and Residents Forum
– Disability Advisory Group / Forum
Disability Equity Partnership
– Senior Citizens Advisory Group / Forum
– GREC (Grampian Regional Equality Council)
– TARF (Tenants & Residents Forum)
– AB+ (Aberdeen Positive)
Aberdeen Beautiful

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Community Centres and Learning Centres

Community Centres and Learning Centres are places at the heart of many neighbourhoods throughout the city where the community can gather together. They host a variety of events, activities, classes, social groups and more, with many also offering cafe facilities.


The Civic Forum

The Civic Forum ensures that the views, priorities and issues of communities from throughout the city of Aberdeen are taken forward to shape strategies, services and policies. It also supports many Community Groups in their development, to take part in decisions that most benefit the city’s communities.


The Community Council Forum

The Community Council Forum supports, brings together and promotes the role of Community Councils and the views of their communities in Aberdeen, Scotland.


Locality Partnerships

There are ‘Locality Partnerships’ in 3 Areas of Priority Action, including, which bring together all of the Community Planning Partners, Community Representatives and other Stakeholders at the local level.

Currently in:

Middlefield, Mastrick, Cummings Park, Northfield and Heathryfold
Seaton, Woodside and Tillydone


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Locality Leadership Groups

There are also ‘Locality Leadership Groups’ which focus on Health & Social Care Priorities.

They bring together Health and Social Care Professionals, Partner Organisations, Service Users, Community Representatives and other Stakeholders to help plan how to transform local services and shift towards prevention and a community-focus.



ACVO help to develop, involve, represent and support the third sector in Aberdeen. It offers a wide range of advice and support services, and can provide sign-posting to resources for volunteers and other partners.


Libraries often serve as the venue for important community events, with opportunities for learning, information and access to Internet & Other Materials.

Community Planning

The Community Planning Partnership brings together Public wervices and Partner Qgencies such as the City Council, Police Scotland, NHS, Fire and Rescue, the Third and Voluntary Sectors, and Communities to plan and decide together how best to improve services and life within the city.



Engagement, Participation and Involvement Strategy

The Engagement, Participation & Involvement Strategy: This provides an overview of Agreed Principles and Actions being developed to strengthen community involvement in decisions and services with Community Planning Aberdeen, and Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership.



The Civic Forum is also in regular contact with many Community Groups throughout Aberdeen and Scotland, active in all varieties of public and civic life.

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