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The Civic Forum, Community Councils, Community Groups, Communities of Interest, Community Planning and Health & Social Care.

The Civic Forum

You can learn more about the Civic Forum here, and get in contact with us at the details on the page here!

Community Councils

Community Councils are the most local elected form of representation, and their members represent their communities on statutory matters such as Planning, Licensing and any other purpose they consider to be of benefit for their community.

You can learn more about the Community Councils in Aberdeen at this link.

The Community Council Forum also has information available on individual Community Councils at this link.

Community Groups & Communities of Interest

Communities of Interest are groups and bodies which promote the views and priorities of communities with a particular focus or who’s areas of interest may affect many of those who reside in the city. This includes representation of and for those who may experience one or some of the ‘Nine Protected Characteristics‘.

For example, including:
– Regeneration Matters
– Ethnic Minority Forum
– Youth Council
– LGBT(QIA)+ Networks
– Aberdeen Women’s Alliance
– Tenants and Residents Forum
– Disability Advisory Group / Forum
– Disability Equity Partnership
– Senior Citizens Advisory Group / Forum

The Civic Forum is also in regular contact with many Community Groups throughout Aberdeen and Scotland, active in all varieties of public and civic life.

Community Planning

The Community Planning Partnership brings together public services and partner agencies such as the City Council, Police Scotland, NHS, Fire and Rescue, the Third and Voluntary Sectors, and Communities to plan and decide together how best to improve services and life within the city.

This means that services and partner projects will be designed by and created for our communities them and for everyone to have a say in which issues are most important for them to be addressed.

You can learn more about the Community Planning Partnership  in Aberdeen at this link.

Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care brings together the Local Authority and the NHS to improve how we experience our health and social care services, and to work the community to improve the positive outcomes we can look forward to in life.

You can learn more about Health and Social Care in Aberdeen at this link.

This includes Locality Leadership Groups where public service colleagues and Community Representatives focus on the most local needs of the city’s neighbourhoods.

There are currently 4 of these Locality Leadership groups in Aberdeen, including:

– North page
– West page
– Central page
– South page