Civic Leadership

Coming together to share ideas and explore how co-operation and partnership working can be strengthened across communities, local government and the City’s other institutions.

You can also learn more in the ‘Overview and Background’ by clicking here.

Open Space Day

The First Event  took place in January, 2018

This First Event was supported by Aberdeen City Council, in discussion with Aberdeen Civic Forum, Aberdeen Community Council Forum and other community and civic groups.

You can access and download the ‘Summary Report’ by clicking here.

(The report was prepared by a group of facilitators, all from communities throughout the city to share the views and ideas brought forward on the day).

It is important that we recognise, acknowledge and truly understand the value of so much of the good work that is already being carried out throughout the city and continue to build with the strength of the community, civic support and infrastructure.

From Community Councils, Communities of Interest, Community Groups, Faith Groups, Multi-Cultural Groups, Youth Council, Burgesses, Trades, Guilds, Community Council Forum, Civic Forum and many more.

These groups and many more promote the views and priorities of their communities and support us to actively participate in civic life by promoting and carrying out projects that make a real difference to people’s everyday lives.

We will be looking to develop a shared understanding of the city’s challenges and opportunities so that we can be as informed as possible, to develop shared partnership approaches to finding solutions for challenges and opportunities for prosperity.

All of which will be developed in a way that allows us to be as prosperous, as supported and successful as possible.

As always, if you have any suggestions or you would like to learn more, you are very welcome to contact the Civic Forum in addition to your local community based groups.